1. Santiago

From the recording Mean Little River

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This song was written some years before we actually walked the pilgrimage route La Camino de Santiago. It explores what it is to have a life-changing experience.



In A (Capo on 2nd fret and play in G = chords in brackets)
NB Instrumental sections as intro, between chorus and verses and outro are as for first 2 lines of each verse.

Verse 1
A(G) Bm(Am) D(C) E(D) A(G) Bm(Am) E(D)
I see you in the mor.....ning, you’re waking in the light
A(G) Bm(Am) D(C) E(D) A(G) Bm(Am) E(D)
And there’s no war......ning, a feeling you can’t fight
F#m(Em) D(C)
Leave the nets that hold you
F#m(Em) D(C)
Forget the life they sold you,
F#m(Em) D(C) E(D)
A path unfolds before your sight

A(G) D(C) F#m(Em) A(G) D(C)
O Santiago, I hear you calling in the night
F#m(Em) C#m(Bm) D(C) A(G) Bm(Am) A(G) E(D) A(G)
Standing there on the empty shore nothing seems right..... Santiago

Verse 2
I see you on the mountain, you’re wondering at the height
And words like a fountain, full of power and might
But now the dust you crawl through
The loneliness appals you
And the silence stalls your flight


Middle 8
F#m(Em) D(C) Bm(Am) A(G) E(D)
Thunder is your name, thunder is your na.........me

Verse 3
I see you in the garden, you’re fading with the light
And there’s no pardon, for eyes you’re closing tight
See the shadows lengthen
Feel the fear that strengthens
The end they mentioned is in sight.


Copyright Kevin O'Regan 2010