Tech Spec and Stage Plan

Technical Specification
Kevin O’Regan – guitar and vocals
  • Acoustic guitar with built-in pickup  – DI needed – can supply own lead if preferred.
  • Vocal mic at stage left standing position – some reverb please
  • Digital piano at stage left position – ¼ inch jack outputs for left and right; NB happy for mono feed though; power supply required
  • Vocal mic by piano (NB played seated) – some reverb please
  • One monitor positioned between standing mic and piano should suffice.
Kevin Ward – fretless bass and vocals
  • Uses a PJB suitcase bass combo amp with a 3 pin XLR (male) direct output socket for connection to DI/PA; will need a lead to connect; power supply also required for the combo and a socket for pedals
  • Kevin is sometimes happy to plug the bass directly into a DI and not use the combo but generally prefers to use it
  • Vocal mic at stage centre right slightly back in standing position – some reverb when singing
  • Will need a monitor to provide some of Kevin’s guitar/ piano and vocals; bass not usually needed in his or other monitors.
Rai Clews - cahon
  • Cahon has an Audix D4 mic – Rai has a lead (3 pin XLR)
  • Monitor needed beside or in front of him at stage centre left slightly back position.
Rachel Slater – violin/ vocals
  • Rachel has an electric violin with built-in pickup; she will need a DI
  • Vocal mic at stage right in standing position – some reverb please
  • Monitor positioned near her.
Stage Plan
                        Kevin Ward                            Rai Clews                               
                        Fretless Bass                           Cahon 
Rachel Slater                                                                           Kevin O’Regan
Violin/ vocals                                                                          Guitar/ vocals