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New Swan Stone 

I'm delighted to announce that my next novel will be published on Amazon on 1st October 2023. Called New Swan Stone, it is the story of Lizzie Barnes, a young female pilot (yes there were female pilots) with the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) who delivers a Wellington bomber to RAF Silverstone in February 1943 and discovers the body of a civilian girl. Lizzie's careful observation and intuition help the young Sergeant Robbie McBane from the RAF Police Special Investigation Branch to discover the murderer though her own past leads her to jump to conclusions.

New Swan Stone is available to pre-order now on Amazon as an e-book or a paperback at special pre-order prices: the e-book is just £2.49p and the paperback £8.99p. Just type New Swan Stone by Kevin O'Regan into the Amazon search box and it will appear or click this link:


The Dresden Tango is published 

I'm delighted to announce the publication of my historical novel, The Dresden Tango. You can read about it on the Writing page and of course on Amazon where it is available as an e-book, paperback or hard cover here:


2021 The phoenix rises 

Huge thanks to all those who joined me on my Facebook Live concerts in March. The Comic songs for Relief concert had 700 views and may get some more so thank you to all those who tuned in. I've got one more to do on 5th May for Great Knight Folk Club. If you ask to join the group, someone will approve you and you'll be able to join us. It will be at the slightly later time than the previous ones: the support act starts at 8.00 pm and I should start at 8.30 pm. I'll play for about an hour.

Meanwhile, I am starting to get enquiries about real live gigs as organisers start sorting dates. Please keep an eye on the gigs page to see if I/ we are performing near you.

Trilogy for Young Adults 

Kevin has just completed his trilogy for Young Adults called the Famous McKinley Worksheets. Kevin has always wanted to write fiction and indeed wrote his first book when he was about ten! This was an unashamed copy of the Biggles books; fortunately, the manuscript has not survived!

Go to the Writing page to find out more.


Kevin is currently seeking an agent to represent the trilogy to publishers.

Kevin stampedes Calgary 

Kevin played a solo gig at Calgary Stampede in July 2019. Billed as "the greatest outdoor show on earth", Calgary Stampede attracted 1.37 million visitors over the ten days of the show this year - over 100,000 per day. needless to say, they were not all watching when Kevin played but...

There may be a video of one song to add in a bit but, in the meantime, here's a photo.


Irish Night with the KORB and dancers 

This is what you've been waiting for I know. On 17th March we did a gig at Croughton Village Hall which was filmed by Paul Duffy and his associates. Paul recently sent me the four songs that were edited from the three cameras. This is Every Dog Will Have Its Day with our lovely dancers Jess and Nicola. You can get lots more videos of The KORB performing live on You Tube. Put kevinoregansings into the search box and then click on it to go to the profile. Look out for Wester Skeam, Angels Sometimes Fall and The Dresden Tango too which were all filmed at Croughton and edited.

Chris plays sax with The KORB 

One of the highlights of our year was playing at the wedding of our good friends Chris and Jill Arthur in his wedding. September. Unknown to Jill, Chris started to learn the saxophone and asked me if he could play on one song at his own wedding. He practised and practised when Jill was out of the house, had sax lessons and came over to rehearse with me a few times. The he did it! he played sax on Play All Night. And here's the video to prove it. Only troyble is that he can't stand this song any more!

Mini tour to Scotland 

Wonderful trip north of the border for 3 gigs at Benderloch (nr Oban) on the West Coast, Dunblane FC and Dunfermline FC. The hills were stunning in their aurumn colour and the people were so lovely, welcoming and appreciative. definitely want to return in the future. Hopefully I'll have a video to add soon. In the meantime, here's a pic from the gig at Benderloch. 

Katie at Newbury 

Rather belatedly, we have some footage on You Tube of Katie Smith dancing with us at Newbury Waterways Festival in July 2016. We now have another dancer working with us as well, the lovely Jessica Hutton. You can catch us with both of them on 15th March at Banbury FC and on 17th March at The Albion Brewerey Bar in Northampton doing our Irish Night. Check the Gigs page for the details.

Pete Zorn RIP 

I am so sad to hear of the death of Pete Zorn, one of the finest musicians playing on the folk circuit. He played for many years with Barbara Dickson, Richard Thompson and latterly Steeleye Span as well of course as other combinations and bands. I had the enormous privilege of working with Pete when he played on my two albums and subsequently played with the band live when we did the album launch gig in September 2010. He was an extremely talented and versatile musician, playing sax (3 types), flute, piccolo, mandolin, guitar, bass and occasional percussion as far as I know. In the short time I spent with him, I learnt a massive amount. Play on Pete through eternity. You can hear Pete's brilliant sax playing on the Store page: listen to Your Aching Heart from the Never Look Back album and Crystals of Ice from the Mean Little River album. There is also a beautiful bit of sax at the end of the Mean Little River track on the same album.

Pete playing mandolin at the album launch gig in September 2010