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Purple was the Colour

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This song was inspired by the excellent poem 'Deceptions' by Philip Larkin. It explores the life of the girl in the poem after the poem finishes.


Purple was the colour

Piano: C major (or Bb major)

Verse 1
F C G Am
Sunlight sharp as razors as you step out on the pavement
Em F G
The cobbles cold and hard beneath your feet
F C G Am
The wind is chill and searching as you fumble with your collar
Em F G
And make your way slowly up the street

Am G F Em
Purple was the colour of the dress he tore apart
Dm C G
And purple’s now the colour of your heart.

Verse 2
Thoughts like knives will maim you and the World will surely blame you
You cannot seek the comfort of home.
And doors will slam before you as you walk amongst the poor who
Live beneath the arches of stone.


Middle 8
Am Em F C
Sunday morning’s waking but you cannot pray
Am Em F G
Your hand is shaking as you turn away
Am Em F Em Dm C
And hope is leaving on the waters of the tide
F Dm G
Emptiness claims you for his bride


Verse 3
Your spirit’s surely sinking as the gaslights start blinking
You hardly raise your eyes from your feet
And waves of fear caress you as a shadow falls across you
Another hungry man you must feed.


Copyright Kevin O'Regan 2010