1. Absent Child

From the recording Mean Little River

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Absent Child

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I read an article in a magazine about a woman with an extraordinary past. I was so pleased that the lovely Deb Sandland (Phil Beer Band etc) agreed to sing this song. Her voice is like honey.


Absent Child

Piano: key E maj. Preferably female singer

Verse 1
C#m E F#m C#m D A F#m G
The ship’s horn blew to start our journey, a strange new world and a strange new home
C#m E F#m C#m D A F#m E
The falling sun and the deep wide ocean promised freedom and love to come.
Chords for rest of verse as for first two lines
When I woke, he stood beside me, his body pale in the dim moonlight
I lay in fear as he lay upon me I could not speak and I dared not fight.

B E G#m C#m7 E B G#m A
But every night as I lay waking, I prayed for you my absent child
B E G#m C#m7 E B G#m A
Forgive me darling, my heart was breaking but I could never breathe a word.

Verse 2
In the morning, I rose as usual I could not look in my father’s eye
With furtive glances I tried to know him but I could not tell and I could not cry.
When I felt life stir within me I told my mother but she turned away
My father’s voice was cold as Winter when he told me I could not stay.


Middle 8
C#m F#m
They gave me sleep to take you from me
C#m F#m
I often wondered if you laughed or cried
C#m F#m G#m F#m7
Long years passed and the silence deepened
B9 F#m G#m A
I did not know if you lived or died.


Verse 3
And now I watch the shadows lengthen I see you through my grateful tears
Thanks to you, my heart is mending and love has come after all these years.


Copyright Kevin O'Regan 2010