From the recording Mean Little River

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The Miles I've Travelled

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This was written for my brother and his wife who found happiness with each other after bot had had previous failed marriages.


The miles I’ve travelled

Guitar: capo on 2nd fret; play in C = D

Verse 1
D A Bm F#m G A
The miles I’ve travelled, the sights I have seen
D A Bm F#m G A
Have taught me patience and never to dream
I’ve seen the moon on the river, the red rock at dawn
D A Bm F#m G A
But nothing is so wonderful as lying in your arms

A Em G D
Love hasn’t always been as kind to me
A Em G D A
Thought I was empty as the open sea

Verse 2
The years I’ve travelled the miles I have known
Have taught me wealth is not precious stones
The golden palaces beneath swaying palms
Hold nothing of the riches as when you’re lying in my arms.


Middle 8
Em F#m Em F#m
The years of hope and waiting, praying for love
Em F#m
And then you appear from nowhere
Bm Bm(+note C#) D E A
as if from Heaven above

Using the chord sequence of the middle 8

Verse 3
The sites I’ve travelled, the years I have seen
Have taught me many things are not what they seem
Our wishes are rising into the evening sky
But nothing is so hopeful as the love in your eye.

Chorus 2
First line as above – chords as above for both lines.
Now it seems endless as the wide open sea.

Repeat Chorus 2

Copyright Kevin O'Regan 2010