From the recording Mean Little River

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I Give You Music

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This song features the exquisite violin of Clare Trivett.


I give you music
Triple time. In D (Capo on 2nd fret and play in C = chords in brackets)

Verse 1
Bm(Am) F#m(Em) Em(Dm) F#m(Em)
Young girl lying in the shade of the glorious sun
Bm(Am) F#m(Em) Em(Dm) A(G)
Feeling too old to stay, for leaving too young
Bm(Am) F#m(Em) Em(Dm) F#m(Em)
She’s looking around her at the World and his kin
Bm(Am) F#m(Em) Em(Dm) A(G)
Restless* and wondering when life will begin

(* NB put a stop in at this point)

D(C) Bm7(Am7) G(F) A(G)
Oh one day you’ll see beauty in every part
D(C) Bm7(Am7) G(F) A(G)
So you will find love I give you an aching heart
G(F) A(G) D(C) Bm(Am)
I give you the evening star so wonder will feed your soul
G(F) A(G) D(C)
I give you music to make you whole

Verse 2
The English Summer, smell of hay new mown
A thousand lovers make her feel more alone
The clear blue sky lies down before the night
The stars are wasted, why does she have to wait?


Middle 8
Em(Dm) A(G) Em(Dm) A(G)
There will come a time, it may not be too long
Em(Dm) A(G) D(C) Bm(Am)
Yes there will come a time when your heart is on the run
G(F) A(G) D(C)
Please tell me darling when it’s won

Verse 3
She knows far across the World under a desert sky
A thousand young girls are waiting to die
She knows oh how she knows she should not feel like this
But all she wants is a lover’s kiss.

Copyright Kevin O'Regan