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Mean Little River

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The outro on this is great for that swaying arm thing audiences do - makes me feel like a rock god!


Mean Little River

*NB In Middle 8, D/ = D with note of F# added on 6th string and
Bm/ = Bm with note of B dropped to open A (5th) string

Verse 1
D A D A D Em G A
Factories stood tall and proud, now there’s nothing but a hollow sound
D A D A D Em G A
Shuttles flew in the gloom, now there’s nothing but an idle loom

There’s a mean little river, running through these empty streets
D A G D Em D A
But the people I meet make it fee...... ee....... ee........ el like home

Verse 2
There’s a statue standing still, name in stone says Roland Hill
All the mills they’re tearing them down but someone left a piano in the middle of town


Verse 3
Built a supermarket and a couple of bars, made a big space and filled it with cars
You can drive round and round but you’ll never see the centre of town


Verse 4
Empty shop billboard sign says “Looking for love?” and “We’re fighting crime.”
All the kids go down to the park, fussing and fighting when it gets dark


Outro NB change of tempo
D D/F# G A
Ah they’ve taken the heart from this town,
D D/F# G A Bm Bm/A G A
But they’ll never keep our spirit down

Repeat thrice with vocal and then 3 times as instrumental.

Copyright Kevin O'Regan