From the recording Never Look Back

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Don't tell me I'm mad

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This is a whimsical song to finish the album. Slightly bluesy, it's about unrequited love. I wrote it when I was a much younger man.


Don’t Tell Me I’m Mad


Verse 1
Eb (note D) Cm Bb
In the west the sun is going down,
Eb Bb Eb
Down beneath the trees
Eb (note D) Cm Bb
And I am going down
Eb Bb Eb
Down upon my knees.
F Bb
Don’t tell me I’m mad, no
F Bb
Don’t tell me I’m sad, no
F Bb Eb
Don’t tell me I’m mad for you.

Verse 2
The Goddess of the smile
She takes you each time anew.
She takes all your secrets
And she puts them all out to view.

Verse 3
All the time I’m watching you,
Hanging on every word you say;
But every time I near you,
You always seem to slip away.

Verse 4
I don’t want to own you
Just meet you any way I can.
I can never hold you
For there’s a ring on your hand.

Repeat verse 1 slowly; speed up refrain.

Copyright Kevin O'Regan 2010