From the recording Never Look Back

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Your Aching Heart

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Written for someone experiencing great unhappiness, this song has superb sax from the amazing Pete Zorn. One reviewer said this track was worth the price of the whole album because of it.


Your Aching Heart

NB On Gmaj7 chord, left hand octave G
A9 chord, left hand octave B
F#m chord, left hand octave D

Verse 1
Gmaj7 A9 Gmaj7 A9
Spring sunlight gilds your hair, your head is lowered but your eyes are bare
Dmaj7 Em G A
I see the dark within, I see the hurt and pain
Gmaj7 A Gmaj7 A
Locked in your own embrace, tears stain your troubled face
Dmaj7 Em G A
And I see how your life is torn for reasons you cannot explain.
You wear silence like armour
But there’s really no danger
Bm G F#m Em A
Except when you go down, down, down inside your mind.
NB Chorus chord progression repeated as instrumental

Verse 2
It’s hard to find the words to capture your sorrow
And when the fears crowd in, you’re trapped inside your tangled brain;
You think of your shattered past, broken hopes and wasted care
And when you are in despair, you lash out at whoever is near.
You wear anger like armour
But there’s really no danger
Except when you go down, down, down inside your self.
NB Chorus chord progression repeated as instrumental

Verse 3
I long to see you smile, maybe to laugh a while
I long to hold you tight, you’ve touched me deep inside;
Trapped in this dull grey suit, no words to ease your mind
Too afraid to do much more than reach out and take your hand.
So let down your armour
For there’s really no danger
And we’ll reach down, down, down to your damaged heart;
There’s someone to love you
And there’s someone to hold you
Will wrap around, around, around your aching heart … your aching heart.

Copyright Kevin O'Regan 2010