1. Who Am I?

From the recording Never Look Back

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Who Am I?

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I wish sometimes we could know the future but then again perhaps best not to.


Who am I?

Piano; left hand arpeggio. Rhythm No 1? @ 78

Verse 1
D Em F#m G
I stare in the mirror as the Summer evening dies
I can’t ignore the hunger in my eyes
D Em F#m G
The whole World is dancing in the perfumed night
But I know its ending with the fading light.
Bm G Bm G
You fill my heart with love, you fill my head with sound
Bm G G F#m A
You fill my mouth with words and then you knock me down.

D A Bm G A
Who am I that I ask to see
D A Bm G A
Who am I that I question your scheme
D A Bm G A
If this is all that you wanted from me
D A Bm G A D
Then why oh why did you give me all of these dreams?

Verse 2
The Winter sun is falling at the turning of the year
A distant melody is floating near
I reach out to take it but it proves to be a lie
Like the colours disappearing in the fragile sky.
And all these sounds ringing in my ears
Are empty promises for the future years.


Middle 8
Bm F#m G D
Days are wasting and time is moving on
Bm F#m G Em D
I’ve been waiting much too long.


Repeat first verse

Copyright Kevin O'Regan 2010