From the recording Never Look Back

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The Fragrance of your Perfume

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One of my favourites - a song about losing someone you love - with Pete Zorn playing some lovely stuff in the middle section.


The fragrance of your perfume

Guitar: C tuning, Capo on 2nd fret. Where / is shown, the letter following denotes a single note

Verse 1
D D/C Bm Bm/G
Summer's ghosts are leaving in the soft October morning
The leaves a rash of red and gold,
D D/C Bm Bm/G
The pool was filled with sunlight and the garden with echoes
G G/C# A
And a bird we did not know;
D D/C Bm Bm/G
But now the garden's empty, the long grass is rustling
The swirling leaves are brown and sere,
D D/C Bm Bm/G
I try to hold your image but it keeps on disappearing
G G/C# D
Because you are nowhere.

Chorus after verses 1 and 3 – chords as for verse
The fragrance of your perfume lingers in the subway
Sweet among the city smells
Your eyes are lost and distant as you hover in the doorway
Ah I once knew you well;
And through the grimy window as the tube begins moving
I catch a glimpse of auburn hair,
With every corner passing and every taxi leaving
I see you everywhere.

Verse 2
Smoke was thinly rising from the fires they left smouldering
They tore the woodland out and made it clear,
And in the cottage firelight as you mourned the forest's passing
On your cheek a single tear;
November trees are dripping, a hanging mist enclosing
Rook across the park cries despair,
I make my way home slowly to where soft lamplight is glowing
But you are not there.

Chorus after verse 2 – chords as for lines 1 and 2, words as for chorus above
The fragrance of your perfume lingers in the subway
G A D Bm G A D
Sweet among the city smells, sweet among the city smells

Verse 3
A cold December evening, the wind low and moaning,
The dark sky pink and pastel blue,
Through the frozen silence, memory is stirring
I can't help but think of you;
Through the dark came singing, comforting and warming
Your face danced with smiles as it drew near,
But now the children's voices are lonely and forbidding
Because you are not here.

Finish on Bm chord with note of C# added

Copyright Kevin O'Regan 2010