From the recording Never Look Back

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Chase Your Dreams

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This is a really bouncy song that often starts sets. Three minutes 26 seconds of high energy.


Chase your dreams

In Cm (Capo 3rd fret play in Am = chords in brackets)

Verse 1
Cm(Am) Bb(G) Cm(Am) Bb(G) Cm(Am) Bb(G), CM(Am) Bb(G),
Melanie sings to the mirror when she’s on her own
Cm(Am) Bb(G) Cm(Am) Bb(G) Cm(Am) Bb(G), CM(Am) Bb(G),
Grabs a bottle, makes love to the microphone
F(D) D#(C) / F(D) D#(C) / F(D) D#(C)
Stabs the air as if in a rage/Swings her hair all over the place/ But she’s never been on a stage

Gm(Em) D#(C) Bb(G) F(D)
Hey you’ve got to free yourself, take your plans down off the shelf
Gm(Em) D#(C) Bb(G) F(D) Cm(Am)
Hey you’ve got to make the means, never be afraid....! to chase your dreams

(NB “Dreams is on the first beat of the instrumental between chorus and next verse.)

Verse 2
Michael dreams of a life on the flying trapeze
Swinging and beautiful woman while hooked at the knees
Thinks about how he’ll fly through the air/ Feels the wind pulling at his hair
Gets dizzy when he looks down stairs but


Verse 3
Alastair’s gonna fly to the planet Mars
Got a picture on the wall of the sun, the moon and stars
But you can’t get a job as an astronaut/ Least that’s what everyone thought
It was written in his school report


Middle 8 – NB starts with last word of Chorus
Dreams are the stuff of being alive, something to hope for a reason to strive
Don’t let them fade when you open your eyes, stretch out your arms and reach for the skies

Verse 4
Melanie sings in a pub another new song
Secretly hoping it’ll be a number one
Stabs the air as if in a rage/ Swings her hair all over the place
Now she dreams of a much bigger stage

Copyright Kevin O'Regan 2010