New Swan Stone

I'm delighted to announce that my next novel will be published on Amazon on 1st October 2023. Called New Swan Stone, it is the story of Lizzie Barnes, a young female pilot (yes there were female pilots) with the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) who delivers a Wellington bomber to RAF Silverstone in February 1943 and discovers the body of a civilian girl. Lizzie's careful observation and intuition help the young Sergeant Robbie McBane from the RAF Police Special Investigation Branch to discover the murderer though her own past leads her to jump to conclusions.

New Swan Stone is available to pre-order now on Amazon as an e-book or a paperback at special pre-order prices: the e-book is just £2.49p and the paperback £8.99p. Just type New Swan Stone by Kevin O'Regan into the Amazon search box and it will appear or click this link: